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April 25 2012 4 25 /04 /April /2012 15:32

So most people wonder if Barcelona and Real Madrid would cope in the English Premiership. After watching last nights game between Chelsea and Barcelona I don't think that Barcelona and Real Madrid would go out and win the league in England every season.


Barcelona are one of the best sides around in football today, but is that only because they have to play 18 average Spanish sides and 1 good side? These two sides are a class above the rest of the clubs in Spain. The last time that either Barcelona or Real Madrid didn't win the La Liga was in 2003/04 season when it was won by Valencia, and the last time they did not even get in the top 3 place was in the 1969/70 season, which shows their dominance in Spain.  


I think that even though they are two of the best sides in the world I don't think they could cope with a strong defence of Kompany and Lescott or Agger and Skrtel. Barcelona stats English sides isn't great as in their 72 games against English sides they've won 31 games, drawn 21 and lost 20 games. I think there overly attacking side would get caught on the break, I think if you just played 5-4-1 against them with extreme defending, but if you had a fast paced winger I don't think the defenders like Pique or Puyol as they are not the fastest players and can be caught out with the players like Aaron Lennon or Nani. I think that over time they would win the league in England but Pep Guardiola would have to change his tactis a lot. I think it would take either 2 or 3 season for them to win the Premier League.


Whereas I think it could take no time for Real Madrid to win the English Premier League as they have experience of Cristiano Ronaldo who won the league with Manchester United and Ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mouriniho. Jose could easily adapt to the English way of football. Real Madrid could win the English league easily as they don't have as many faults as Barcelona have. It could take them 1 season to win the league, I don't think they would win all 38 games because of the players that are in the league and could be stopped by Manchester United, Arsenal or Tottenham.


Thank you for reading.


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