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April 5 2012 5 05 /04 /April /2012 21:44

Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone who came on the London trip, even that girl who Jon took a picture of on the train.


This was my first day out in London with all my friends and it was a great day out. At the beginning of the day we set off to London to go down to the Natural History Museum, and of course a day out with anyone can't happen unless someone has an argument, and although some of our friends did think it would be a waste of half a day, I enjoyed walking around with Beth and Robyn, as I do like a nice museum. My favourite bit was the Blue Whale it was massive! But my favourite name goes to the Dinosaur named the Tuojiangosaurus which means the Two-wang-o-saurus. 


Then we went off to Camden where I felt very out of place as I imagine 'cool' people with decent dress sense go there. It was full of tattoo places and piercing stools. My friend was so good at haggling she found herself a husband which was the most anyone got out of the whole day. Oh and If there is a world famous band one day with Jon Mendelsohn and Louis Webb then this was the place they started! As they talked for ages about their favourite musicians and talking about having a jam together. 


We then split up, the boys went off to Notting Hill, and the girls stayed in Camden looking at clothes and shoes and doing girly stuff. Us boys went off to look in a record shop which they all loved apart from me as I am not that into music. Although I do prefer Vinyls to CD's they just look so much better and the crackling noise when you put the needle on it is amazing.


The whole group then met up at Trafalgar Square where I got my picture with the Olympic clock. I then rode the Lion with Robyn in the square as Hannah didn't make it up onto it, although she got to go on a Lion when she was in Camden. We all then went to Pizza Hut to have dinner with the Calcium Kid. After dinner we then went for a walk around St. James Park and then onto Buckingham Palace which looked pretty in the dark.


On the train journey home Jon introduced me to a game to see who could get the most pictures of random people on the train and he got some great picture. Then Stephan went away and some man came and sat next to me even though I had told him that someone was sitting there but he continued to sit down, I think his music was too loud.


Finally I would like to say thank you to Beth, Jon, Stephan, Louis, Becca, Carly, Robyn and last but no means least Hannah thanks you guys!


Thank you for reading.


P.S if anyone wants a Ham sandwich I know a guy who has one for you.

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