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May 2 2012 4 02 /05 /May /2012 23:26

Football is played from Premier League all the way down to Non-League football. But I think that Non-League football, between Basingstoke Vs Dartford is much better than Manchester City Vs Manchester United.


After going to the Basingstoke game tonight I think that non-league football is better than Premier League football. Firstly the style of play, most non-league sides play a flat 4-4-2 and Basingstoke are no different with their style, as they hit the ball up to the top 2 ever time they get the ball. They aren't the best team to watch but I enjoy it and if it is effective for them, then I'm happy.


Secondly the fans, I was asked the other day if I wanted to go, so I said yes, so me and the lads popped down the road paid £3 and stood in the rain for 90 minutes as I saw my side lose 1-0. If I lived in Manchester or Liverpool I don't think I could just pop out to the Etihad Stadium or Anfield because of the cost of the tickets. Also the shouting of the fans, the players and the atmosphere. I could shout to the other end of the pitch and they would be able to hear me, but it is such a cosy atmosphere.


Finally the pitch. Most Premier League sides have big stadiums, in a place not near houses and on its own, whereas my local side is right but some shops, houses and a main road. Ever time someone kicks the ball out of the stadium it could land in someones garden or on the road.


Non-League football is better than Premier League football, because you can just run down the street to see your local side play, there is a cosier atmosphere, you get to know the people in your area and I just love watching them play. Maybe one day my local side can play the Premier League side I love, it will be good to see and get players from the big leagues down to where I live and see them cheaply.


Thank you for reading.


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