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August 1 2012 4 01 /08 /August /2012 00:29

The Greatest show on Earth has started, as the Olympics in London 2012 kicked off on the 27th of July. The day most of the British had been looking forward to for 7 years. This 2 weeks events has been branded the greatest show on Earth by many sporting pundits but are they right?


If you are not a sports fan then I still think you should take time to watch at least one of the events on television, as history is being made, it is a great spectacle and the crowds are brilliant, this might just change your mind on sport. Maybe it could inspire you to go out and go and play a sport. Maybe this time it could inspire a generation. 


I love the Olympics, it is one of my favourite parts of sport, it brings a whole nation together to get behind a group of athletes who have spend their whole life dedicated to this one moment in which they could be the best at the one thing in the whole world, better than 6 billion other people. Then they are rewarded by a precious element of Gold to show they are the best, better than anyone else. 


I thought that Danny Boyle did a great job with the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony showed the rich history that British have, I didn't realise how much we have done and it made me very proud to be British showing what a group of coutries so small can achieve. 


I was lucky enough to see an Olympic event last weekend, although it was only a football match in which I saw Uruguay get beaten by a 10-man Senegal 2-0 and Team GB win 3-1 over UAE. Now even though my favourite sport is football I agree with others that football should not be an Olympic event. It was a great atmosphere but only when Team GB scored, although we don't have any chants this makes the atmosphere not as good, but when the whole crowd got together to cheer when we scored, it sounded amazing, when people unite you can really lift a sports players spirits to make them improve.


I would like to congratulate Michael Phelps on his record of the most medals ever of an Olympian with 19 medals overall which is very impressive. And for all the British fans out there eager to see our 1st Gold medal, let me assure you now it is only a matter of time before we have it. Just wait till the cycling starts, or when the rowing finals begin I have faith in all of our athletes and hopefully very soon one of our hopefuls can be holding a Gold medal, making us all proud.  


Thank you for reading.


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