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January 16 2013 4 16 /01 /January /2013 17:44

So after all the Chelsea fans wanting to have Pep Guardiola as their manager, is it a surprise that he went to Bayern Munich instead? 


After Abramovich taking charge of 9 managers in 10 years, the one he supposedly wanted was Pep Guardiola. He even offered him £88m so he could leave the best team in the world to go to a club sitting 14 points behind 1st place, and instead went to a team that is top of the league by 9 points. 


I think that the main reason for Guardiola turning down all that money to go to Germany, is Abramovich, he is not a football lover, he does not see 11 men on the pitch playing their heart and souls out to win a game, he sees 11 wages out on the pitch trying to earn more money. He never lets a manager have a chance either. AVB is a good manager, and has done well with Spurs, but he was never given a chance at Chelsea. Abramovich should have learnt by now it takes time to build a team and win trophies with them, but he wont let them have the time, he is always looking for a quick fix so he can win everything. 


The reason Di Matteo worked well was because he was there as AVB's number two, he knew the squad and the tactics that he needed to give the squad. He was brought in as there interim manager then he went on to win the FA Cup and the Champions league. But Abramovich was so determined to get rid of him, that when he went to go downhill for a few games he had to go, just like the rest. 


There have only been 2 managers that have had 80+ games under Roman Abramovich. Guus Hidding having the least games with just 13, winning 11 of them. Claudio Ranieri has the most with 146 games, winning 76 games. All the managers that had come in under Abramovich were good managers, managers who, if given time, could make Chelsea the best club in England, and possibly the world. But they were not given time, they were given around 30 games if they were lucky and if they won 25+ they could continue, but most didnt make it past 25 games. 


So when Benitez leaves at the end of the season who will be the next Chelsea manager, to get sacked by Abramovich? It could be anyone but not Guardiola as he would have been fired by Feburary knowing Abramovich. 


Thank you for reading.


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