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September 19 2012 4 19 /09 /September /2012 17:32

So, is Neymar the 3rd best player in the world? Will he be better than Messi or Ronaldo in a few season? 


I think Neymar is one of the best players in the world at the moment. He has a lot of maturing to do and to learn the game. He reminds me a lot of a young Cristiano Ronaldo, he does a lot of step overs, has flashy hair and likes to be the center of attention. I believe with the technique that Neymar has he can take on any defence. When Santos took on Barcelona in the World Club cup, Barcelona won 4-0. Neymar found it hard to break down Pique and Puyol. If Neymar had a fantastic side behind him, such as Real Madrid or Barcelona, then his development would increase and he could then become the best player in the world. 


I wouldn't say he was the 3rd best player at the moment, as he has to fight with players such as Iniesta, Xavi, Pique and David Silva. Neymar is definitely in my top 5 best players in the world, though as his blistering pace and fantastic style on the ball, makes him the one to watch. Although Neymar does have a problem with his discipline, I think when he matures a lot more he can calm down, also he has been called greedy, but what can you say when you are a good player you want to keep the ball and make things happen. That will be another thing that changes with maturity. 


I think in 1 to 2 seasons Neymar will leave Santos and join Real Madrid or PSG at this rate as they have all the money. He will have players like Ozil, Modric, Ronaldo and Di Maria playing for him, he will learn to mature and learn from Higuain, Benzema and Ronlado how to be world-class striker. 


I think Neymar will be better than Ronaldo, yet I don't think he will be better than Messi, he may win the Ballon D'or ahead of Messi but I don't think Neymar in his prime will be as good as Messi in his prime. 


Thank you for reading. 


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