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March 21 2012 4 21 /03 /March /2012 12:48

The reason I think managers will win you games instead of players is the purely because they know the game so much better and are (usualy) wiser. The example I will use is Jose Mourinho and the Chelsea team. I will use as Chelsea have gotten though a lot of managers lately.


In 2006-07 Mourinho had his last season as a Chelsea manager and his this was his normal first team:


Ferreria Carvalho Terry (c) Cole


         Essien               Lampard


            Drogba    Shevchenko


This team came 2nd in the Premier League, won the FA Cup and League cup, were runners up in the community shield and got to the semi-finals in the champions league. Mourinho is a tactical genius and it can be shown by the 2007-08 season beause the team that season was this: (I am using the Champions League final side as their 1st 11):


Essien    Carvalho Terry (c)   A. Cole


          Ballack             Lampard

  J. Cole                              Malouda



This is the team Avram Grant picked to play Manchester United in the Champions League final that they lost. But their 2007-08 sides record was 2nd in the Premier League, 6th round in the FA Cup, runners-up in the Carling cup, community shield and the Champions League. The only cup that they did better in was the Champions League was the Champions League because that is all Roman Abramovich wants from the team.


The team difference from the 2006-07 season was to the 2007-08 season was that in defence there was Ferreria was replaced by Essien, in Midfield Joe Cole and Malouda came in for Shevchenko and they changed their formation from a 4-1-2-1-2 to a 4-3-3.


The reason Jose Mourinho did better with the Chelsea team was because of his tactics, not because of the players he had although they are a major factor, another team who changed manager and their season completely changed are Newcastle when Alan Pardew came in and changed the side from a team just having been promoted to a Champions League place contender, and Liverpool when they brought back Kenny Dalglish and went from a team in the relegation zone to a team back, fighting for the Champions League place.


My final example is Sir Alex Ferguson, I do not think Manchester United have the best side this season, I think Manchester City does, but because Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest managers he can make United win the league this season. The managers control the squad they know who will do the best for them and who can win them the game, that's why managers are changed so regularly because they are the most important person at the club.


Thank you for reading.


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