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April 26 2013 6 26 /04 /April /2013 00:07

As a Liverpool and a footballing fan I believe that Luis Suarez, although one of the most controversial players in the premier league, he is also the best of them all. 


I think Luis Suarez, who has racked up a total of 30 goals this season and a total of 50 goals in only 96 games in the red of Liverpool. Luis Suarez has it all. He racks up goals, for a player 'who can't score goals' and has one of the best techniques in the English game. With 24 asissts as well he is always involved with the goals in the games. With the signing of Daniel Sturridge in January from Chelsea FC, I thought he may have struggled to work with Luis Suarez, but they have worked very well together. The 45 minutes they played together against Chelsea FC on the previous Sunday they knew where they were and always had the know how to get the ball to each of them. 


Suarez, who is also known as El Pistolero (The Gunman) has been the best player all season, why? Because he has been consistent throughout the whole season. I think that his main competition comes from the Welsh play-maker Gareth Bale, and the flying Dutch man Robin Van Persie. Yes RVP is going to be the top scorer in the premier league, but he went 12 games without a goal for Manchester United, he is one of the favourites though as he has been the difference between Manchester United winning the league, and falling at the vital part of the season as they did last year. With Gareth Bale, he can pull a game from the scruff of the neck and make Spurs invincible, but his performance for Hotspur has really picked up around Christmas, he was above average but not good enough at the start and that is why I think he does not deserve the PFA player of the year. Also the team that Suarez plays for has not been as good as Spurs or Manchester United, so this could be another reason, he has carried a good but not amazing Liverpool team which is another impressive reason why Suarez could win the PFA player. 


One of the main reasons why he will not win the trophy this year is because of his bad side. When, in the Chelsea FC game, he bit Branislav Ivanovic, this is the bad side to him. Sometimes in a game, he will just see red and totally flip out for no reason. There was no valid reason for Suarez to bite Ivanovic, there could have been some sense if Ivanovic had been kicking Suarez all game but there was no reason, and Suarez deserves a ban, but I think 10 games is a bit too much from the FA. 


Sadly I don't think Suarez will win the PFA player of the year, as much as I think he is the best player and deserves it sadly, because of his controversial attitude on the pitch, his constant flapping about with his arms, and shouting at everyone when a decision doesn't go his way, but scoring 30 goals in a season, and helping the whole team defend and attack Suarez is one of the best to play in the English Premier League. 


If Suarez doesn't win PFA player of the season I would like to see Robin Van Persie to win it, although if I had to put money on who would win I would say Bale. It was also sad to see no Michu on the list of players of the season as he has won a trophy and scoring 21 goals in his debut season in England, for someone who has played part midfield and part striker for the Welsh club. 


Thank you for reading. 


If you have any comments about Suarez or how much you disagree I would love to read through them please leave them below. 


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