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November 14 2013 5 14 /11 /November /2013 17:05

As some of you know I have recently been on holiday in the United States of America. While I was out there I did all the tourist things, saw the Hollywood sign, went to Disneyland and went to Universal studios. Also had a very unusual time at Santa Monica beach to say the least. But what I was looking forward to most was going to watch the football. LA Galaxy vs San Jose Earthquakes.


My father and I made our way over from our hotel down to the StubHub Center in Los Angles. Walking into the stadium it looked like an advertisements agents dream land. Advertisement was everywhere. But I was very sure that the astro turf pitches we had walked past was the training ground which make me start to realise how much the Americans did not care about 'soccer'. We then walked to what looked like the club shop, 4 boards shacked up together with a gap each side no roof and a counter at the front, promising. I was there looking to treat myself to an LA Galaxy jersey to wear when I play back home. Sadly this place only had small, extra large or extra extra large which sadly are none of my sizes. So me and my dad after finding nothing but David Beckham shirts had to leave as none fitted, we then found another stall which sold LA Galaxy merchandise. Luckily this was the place, home shirts and away shirts what more could I have asked for. In the end you could either have the home shirt with Donovan #10 or an away shirt with Keane #7 on the back. As I am a Liverpool fan I opted for the away shirt.


Finally after making our way through the 100's of advertising stalls my father and I got to our seats. We had standard seats near to the corner flags so not great position but I was happy with them. We settled down with our hotdogs ready for the teams to come out, but first these men on the pitch with their black tops on decided to put down these 4 huge boxes. The players came out walked past at least 100 cheering children on the pitch, stood as if it was a guard of honour, and the players walked into a straight line. Surely the game must start soon, well thats what I was hoping. Then a women came out all dressed up and stood in the centre circle. National anthem time. Everyone stood up belting it out and I could feel the emotion in the stadium, then I realised what the men in black tops had been doing, setting up fireworks. Of course why didn't I think of that, just a regular season game in the league which had some importance but not massive importance for each club.


Then after all the big performance Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan finally got the game underway. The first 45 minutes not much had happened, I had sat in the cold whilst in shorts and had the back of my chair repeatedly kicked by a small child while the slightly larger father, that’s putting it nice, told her to stop when she didn’t. The father with the 3 boys, who were no older than 10 sat in front of me and my Dad eating their sandwiches as if we were at a pick nick. Which I knew we weren’t because I could see to the right of me there was a green for people to sit and do that, in side the stadium. Then next to my dad a man who would say 'Ole' every time Donovan would turn around or do something 'skilful’. The highlight of the first half was that David Beckham was at the stadium and was put on the big screen and then he was hailed like a God to all the fans.


The second half then commenced with San Jose Earthquakes kicking off from left to right. San Jose did have the occasional chance in the game and I thought they were the team more likely to take the lead, they tested Galaxy's 'keeper Penedo a few times. Penedo did look like a goalkeeper with very good reflexes, making me compare him to Courtios although not as good. But LA Galaxy's LB for that game Greg Cochrane was the brightest spark I thought with his pace and his ability to get up and down that side impressed me a lot. Donovan started to fade away in the second half as did most of the crowd, especially the 'Ole' guy who left at half time. The game just got very poor. Apart from a few shots Donovan had and a cheeky little dink which went over there was nothing to write home about.


The game came to the end. It ended with LA Galaxy 0-0 San Jose Earthquakes. Not sure why they are named after a natural disaster (Earthquake). The atmosphere at the game was very poor apart from the section of Galaxy fans on the right stand behind the goal, who were in good voice through the game. But sadly I had to say, and no offence to Crystal Palace here, but I think if Palace took on 'The Galaxy' then Palace would be leaving with a clean sheet and at least 7 goals. Maybe it is because I have grown up watching the premier league which some have called the best league in the world, has made me expect more when I watch football but the standard of this level was very poor in America.



Thank you for reading.


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