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March 24 2012 7 24 /03 /March /2012 18:07

The famous quote from Bill Shankly was 'Football is more important than life or death' and this is what football makes me feel. The passion I get when Liverpool kick-off every weekend it changes me knowing I love Liverpool FC.


I do get annoyed when people say 'it's just a game' those people don't understand what football is to me. When Liverpool won the Carling Cup in February I don't think I had ever been that happy in my entire life. Even though we didn't play great and weren't the best team we still got a result. Football is a thing than I can count on to make me happy even if my team isn't playing, I will enjoy watching the Spanish teams play or even the lower league sides play there football.


Football gives me passion and something to look forward to through-out the week. What I love about it is the technical side of it and how it is played, and I know if Liverpool play well it could get me through the week feeling really happy and especially if it is against a team one of my friends supports, but if they lose I know I have to go to College on Monday will everyone laughing at me leaving me with nothing to say as my team has let me down once again. If Liverpool lose I get so annoyed that I couldn't get about anything else just because I know I can't do anything to change it from happening.


Although if my team got relegated I would still stand by them knowing they are a great team and have tried the hardest that they can do. Football is more than just a game it is about people staying up in Japan till 4am or in America staying up at 3am on a work day to watch a game, millions of people are united by watching 11 men on a pitch. Football gives me something to talk about and I love playing the game it makes me feel happy and that I am in the right place for it. Football is people being united.


Football is more important than life and death that is a fact.



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