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April 2 2013 3 02 /04 /April /2013 22:44

David Beckham is someone I like to think as a proper football player. He loves playing the game and he wants to play football forever. Sadly his body and legs won't be able to keep on going out for 60 minutes a game pinging balls from all ends of the pitch. 


I think the move to PSG was a very good move for David Beckham, the man who wants to play for England. He has made that clear playing for his country is the greatest thing for him. When I was a kid watching the likes of Michael Owen, David Beckham and Emile Heskey playing the best they could in the England kit, I always wished that was me out there getting on the end of Beckham's through ball, or threading the ball through to Owen to win the world cup. That is how I think David Beckham thinks, he wants to be out there enjoying his career playing with the best English players of today. 


I don't see why Roy Hodgson could not have picked David Beckham in the games just gone, we played San Mario, the joint worse team in the world. David Beckham shows how much he admires his nation, and in a game where you are going to play the ball around in the oppositions half, when you are going to get at least five goals in this game. I know Beckham probably wouldn't want to play in these sort of games, but he would still have loved to know he back in with a chance with the national squad. 


If England was a club team, then Beckham would be perfect, with his experience and his skill he would be a valuable member. He would be the experienced head that could pass on his knowledge to the younger players coming through the team. But sadly for Becks it is a nation, where they meet up 8-10 times a year play 2 games in 4 days and then go back to their club. I think he would be valuable to England still, but his competition in his defensive role in the middle is very strong with players of Gerrard, Lampard, Scotty Parker and Barry. These are all top quality players playing in the best league in Europe. 


I would like to see David Beckham get back in the England side even if it is just a run of 3 games. He would bring a large audience to the world if he was in the World Cup next year which is very unlikely but it would be good just to see him bending his free-kicks in to the likes of Andy Carroll and just controlling the middle of the park along side Steven Gerrard. I personally don't think D Beck is too old for England as he can be an impact substitute if we are leading by a goal, and he can just slow the pace down. If you have the skill that Beckham has then you deserve a place in the England team.


Thank you for reading.


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And for people who enjoy David Beckham he is a picture of the man himself. What a man he is! 


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